Friday, June 16, 2017

Bob and Linden are married (again)! {Omemee Ontario wedding photographer}

So.....46 years ago, Bob and Linden were married.  They had two wonderful kids, and they worked at living a life together.  However, as happens in life, things changed.  They parted ways, and life went on, but separately.  Kids grew, families expanded, grandchildren were born, and life continued with its many joys and heartaches.  

In the last year, Bob and Linden rediscovered their connection and fell back in love.  They had family coming over one weekend afternoon in May and thought to themselves, hey!  We should get married - again!  Not wanting to make a huge fuss, they decided to have a small  ceremony earlier in the day and announce the news to family afterwards.  With only their kids and grandchildren in on the surprise, the ceremony was planned in a week, and that is the story of how I shot my very first secret wedding.  :)

I arrived at the house to find the best kind of chaos - excited grandchildren, last minute details coming together, and an old family friend arriving to officiate.

Loved watching everyone's expressions during the ceremony!

After some bride and groom images, we focused on what was most important to these two from the beginning and captured some family portraits as well.

Finally, ring shot, secret wedding bouquet style.  (Big thanks to young Mr. J for helping me place the rings - good eye, buddy!)

Bob and Linden - congratulations!  Life is a crazy journey and I am glad you two came full circle to find each other again.  Wishing you both great adventures and much happiness together.


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