Saturday, May 28, 2016

Helen and Joe are married, Part One! [Hamilton Ontario Wedding Photographer]

Helen and Joe were married on a windy day in May. I started off with Helen, 
getting ready at her parent's house.

 Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Joe was busy prepping with his best woman and family.  (Thanks to Steve Stemmler for second shooting with me!)

A few last minute preparations, and Helen was off to meet Joe at the church!

So many hugs.  So much happy.  After lots of congratulations, the newlyweds 
jumped into the vintage car they borrowed for the occasion, and we headed off to 
Tiffany Falls for some portraits.

Coming up next in Part Two - more portraits at Tiffany Falls (can't help myself - it was so pretty!) and then on to the reception.  Lots of laughter, lots of love, much dance.  
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