Saturday, May 2, 2015

Inspiration and refreshing creativity.

As a photographer, you sometimes exist in a strange duality - your work puts you in constant contact with the (absolutely amazing!) people you shoot, but a large part of what you do in the day to day operation of the business is very solitary. I spent a lot of time this winter thinking about some new directions and new goals, and one of them was to look for opportunities to network with other photographers.  I wanted to take time to learn from others, share ideas, and jumpstart my creative juices for the upcoming season. 

With that in mind, I found myself at the Refresh workshop in March of this year.  Hosted by Jennifer Moher, Hugh Whitaker, Erin Lester and Jess Bosse, and attended by 10 other fabulous artists.  It was a huge day of learning and creativity.  I absolutely loved how open not only the instructors but the attendees were.  The whole day was filled with honest conversation about art and business - our achievements and challenges, new ways to approach what we do, and different ways of looking at things.  

It was incredible to be able to spend a whole day with like minded people who are just as 
passionate about photography as I am.  Jennifer, Hugh, Erin and Jess packed a ton of learning 
into one day, and I came home with pages of notes!  I have loads of ideas about some new directions I want to take this year to continually improve what I do.  

Below are some of the images I took during the styled shoot we participated in during the workshop.  In the spirit of refreshing creativity, I challenged myself to only shoot with one of my least used lenses and try to see things in a new perspective.  It was a little painful to leave my favourite lens in the bag, but I loved the results!  Jennifer, Hugh, Erin and Jess - thank you so much for an wonderful day filled with learning and inspiration.

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