Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lindsay and James are married, Part One! {Blue Mountain wedding photos, Thornbury ontario wedding photographer}

You might remember Lindsay and James from their engagement shoot in the snow back in April. It was a much sunnier, hotter day when we travelled to Blue Mountain, Ontario, to shoot their wedding.  The ceremony and reception took place at Lindsay's parents lovely home.  When we arrived, an army of family and friends were busy setting up and making things beautiful.  I started off by hanging out with James for awhile as he got ready upstairs. 

Nothing like a little help from dad when getting your tie on properly.  :)

Meanwhile, in the downstairs, Lindsay had some of her closest friends for a pre wedding tea. They had a lovely time visiting and chatting before Lindsay got ready for the ceremony.

Lindsay's mom came to help her into her gorgeous dress.

And we stopped for a quick visit with her kitty before things got too busy.  
Dina enjoyed checking out the bouquet.

While all of this was happening, my second shooter, Lisa Hughes, was busy documenting all of the gorgeous details!  Shawn was unable to attend this wedding and we were very grateful to have her with us in his place.

(If this image looks off to anyone, its because I have blurred out details like addresses and last names to protect privacy.)

 Both Lindsay and James are Doctor Who fans - this Tardis was set out at the ceremony site with lots of paper and pens. Guests were asked to write some advice, good wishes, or blessings for the newlyweds and leave the messages inside.

Meanwhile, a shuttle dropped off guests from their hotel and they made their way up the drive to the house. 

People mingled in the backyard - there was lots of excitement waiting for the ceremony to begin!

Love the look on James' face as he watched Lindsay make her way down the aisle........

......and the moment Lindsay shared with her dad before joining James.

The ceremony was officiated by Suzanne Myers, who did an amazing job.  Suzanne writes custom ceremonies that tell a story. I knew quite a bit about how James and Lindsay met and got engaged, but I loved hearing her tell their tale from beginning to end.  (Also, check out the backdrop - what an incredible landscape!) 

Near the end of the ceremony, Lindsay's brother brought them the tardis full of the guests written blessings.  They held it together while Suzanne led the guests in an affirmation of support for the newlyweds. 


After a group shot, the guests stayed behind to mingle, visit and play lawn games while we whisked Lindsay and James off for their formal photos. 
(Photos of guests on the lawn are by Lisa)

Yes.  That is a giant Jenga.  Yes.  It was completely awesome.

So adorable.  So in love.  So, so wonderful.  :)

......and that's it for Part One!  Coming soon - pretty reception decorations, an extremely competitive game to determine which tables eat first, speeches and first dances, and a super fun dance floor! 

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Julie Reynolds said...

Absolutely beautiful photos....tears in my eyes. No surprise there

csimpson said...

Aww, I'm crying again! Lots of great moments captured here.

Amanda said...

What an epic day!!! So beautiful!

Kristina said...

Amazing work, as always, Jordan! It was a GREAT day!

Deanna Klein said...

Simply beautiful! You captured this wonderful day perfectly!! :)

Joanna Cwik said...

Beautiful! Everyone looks so happy :)

Jeannie said...

Beautiful pics!

Mimi said...

Excellentes photos.
Que de bons souvenirs!!
And we all look so good.

Cathie Fotheringham said...

Wonderful pictures, they really captured the beauty of the day! Cannot wait to see part 2!!