Sunday, June 15, 2014

A lovely morning with the T family! {Peterborough Family Photography}

I met up with the T family at Millenium Park in Peterborough on a gorgeous and sunny morning - so much fun with this sweet little family!

Mr. C was so fun to work with - lots of energy and a huge personality!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful family with me!
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Anonymous said...

Those are really nice pics! But it also think the photographer had some pretty easy subjects! :)

Rick Page said...

Charlie is growing up so quickly, and these photos perfectly capture that! What a happy and photogenic family.

Frances Thomas said...

Beautiful photo's, not one Chandler picture in the bunch!!

Erin said...

Beautiful photos! Lovely work, lovely family!

Lindsay said...

These are such cute photos - it doesn't hurt that Mr. C loves the camera :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos!