Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jennifer and Jacques are married! {Part Three}

Just joining us now?  Please check out Friday night's celebration in Part One and Saturday up to and including the ceremony in Part Two.

At the end of Part Two, we left Jen and Jacques just as their beautiful wedding ceremony came to an end.  Our next stop?  Formal portraits with the wedding party.  As I'm sure you have come to expect by now, Jennifer and Jacques were very organized with their wedding planning, and we were able to go location scouting together in the spring when they came to Canada for a planning trip.  Irwin Inn has many gorgeous locations for images, but we specifically fell in love with a field on their property - tall grass, pretty light - the whole package!  Sadly, when I went back for a final check the week before the wedding, I discovered it had been mowed.  (Don't worry......if you saw the sneak peek image in Part Two, you know that there is a happy ending to this story....)

I was determined to find a field that would suit our purposes, and spent the next few days driving around the area, heading down side roads and detours, exploring.  Unfortunately, every field I found had also been mowed (we forgot to account for hay season), was too scrubby, or filled with ragweed.  I was sad, but undeterred.  Finally, on Friday I left a little early for the resort to check out our last few options...and there it was.  On the last road I could have possibly driven down - an abandoned farm with the perfect field.  Lots of high grass, but not too high.  Gorgeous light.  Funky buildings.  It was meant to be!   


We started out with the wedding party....


...and then it was time to focus on the bride and groom.





And just when you thought things couldn't get any more beautiful....


You might remember Jennifer's wedding elves putting together the frames that would eventually make the seating card display back at the Irwin Inn in Part Two's post.  Well, after that project was completed, Shawn took them out to the field and they assembled this signpost.  Each sign on the post represents a location that has significance to Jennifer and Jacques.  Family members and friends who arrived in the week before the wedding were asked to help construct the project, so each sign on the post was also created by someone special!



So much beautiful light, so many fabulous people....we could have spent all day here!  Sadly, we needed to head back to the Inn if we were going to make it to the reception on time.  (I would like to add that the Irwin Inn has many fabulous photo locations in the grounds - the field just happened to be our focus for this shoot.  I am hoping to convince someone to head out there soon for an engagement session so we can use some of the other great spots we scouted!) 


As we returned to the Inn, we were welcomed by an updated sign....


...and those fabulous frames! (In case you are wondering, the colour of berry attached to each tag indicated that guest's meal choice. I've blurred out last names for privacy.)



Jennifer and Jacques were announced to thunderous applause...


...and the reception began in earnest!


The tables were, of course, gorgeous - decorated with more wildflowers in vintage glass jars and bottles that Jennifer collected while traveling in Europe. The table numbers were vintage enamel house numbers, collected in France. (Jennifer later said in her speech that she wanted her new European family to know that whenever they came to Canada, they were coming home - perfect!)


Speeches were spread throughout the evening between courses and delivered both in word and song...







And then it was time for the first dance. People, this was a first dance to behold. You may remember that I mentioned Jennifer and Jacques met in Tango class? They put those skills to good use. Just look at the form, the connection, the closeness! (In other news, I am signing Shawn and I up for tango lessons immediately.)





As the first dance finished, the live band started up, and these two were quickly joined on the dance floor by the rest of the guests. Music was provided by Touch of Vinyl, who were excellent and kept guests on their feet right until the end of the evening. 






Later on, the Inn set up a dessert table for guests to enjoy, and the spread was absolutely incredible. (To be expected after the amazing dinner they served earlier!)



 As a final reception shot, I leave you with one of the many vintage wedding cake toppers used to decorate the dessert table.  Just perfect.


....did you think the post was over?  Crazy talk!  We couldn't leave you without adding a few photos from the Sunday celebrations as well.  

First thing in the morning, Shawn and I retrieved some of the glass bottles from the night before - we wanted to get some images of them in the beautiful outdoor light to really do them justice.


This tiny thumbelina jar was one of my favourites.


Ring shot, wildflower style.


Later on, guests met down by the docks, where boats transported them to another island further down Stoney Lake (owned by Irwin Inn and used to host special gatherings.) People greeted each other like old friends.




There was a fish fry, there was swimming...


...and there was this, which I think sums up the feeling of the entire weekend.


Jennifer and Jacques, thank you so much for allowing us to be a small part of your incredible celebration. We are so glad to have met you and can't wait to see where your next adventure takes you!

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