Friday, September 7, 2012

Jennifer and Jacques are Married! [{Part Two...}

To read Part One and see some images from the Friday night celebration, click here.  To check out the rest of the day in Part three, click here.

On saturday morning we woke up bright and early to beautiful weather.  Jennifer and her bridal party had already left for the salon, but even in her absence, she was working her magic!  Our first assignment was to capture the groom's reaction to her wedding day gift.  Jennifer found this beautiful antique pocket watch for Jacques and asked his nephew to deliver it to him first thing.  

I loved watching his reaction as he opened the package.  

And - for the final touch - the sweetest inscription I've seen in awhile. 

Afterwards, I headed to Locks Salon and Spa in Peterborough to meet up with the girls, while Shawn stayed behind to capture some of Jennifer's wedding elves hard at work.  

Remember the attention to detail I alluded to in Part One?  The pocket watch was just the beginning.  These frames would eventually make up a beautiful display for escort cards at the reception......and let's not forget the vintage lace veil, picked up while travelling in the UK.  (Only about 120 years old....)

I loved Jennifer's face as she saw her bridesmaid's finished makeup.  

We then headed to Carveth's Marina, who ferried us across Stoney Lake to our next destination.  A dear friend of Jennifer's family owns a cottage very close to the ceremony site, and she was kind enough to open it up for the girls to get ready in.   Jennifer's bridesmaid realized as the boat began moving that she had forgotten a scarf to protect her hair.  Fortunately the bride was not adverse to sharing her veil.  

Stoney Lake is just gorgeous - I had way too much fun capturing some of the details, like Jennifer's bouquet and dress.  (The greens and wildflowers theme was repeated beautifully throughout the day - Pammett's flower shop does amazing work!)

Jennifer included jewelry and other elements in the bouquet that represented family members who had passed away - I love that they walked down the aisle with her and were there by her side all day.  

Back at the Irwin Inn, Jacques and his best man were also busy getting ready for the ceremony.

 Jennifer's bridesmaid got her into the dress as the ceremony time drew closer - as the final button was done up, Jennifer turned to see her mom watching and the two of them had a moment.  

The ceremony was at St. Peter's on the Rock, so Jennifer arranged for family members to paddle the bridal party across the lake to the church. (See the greens and wildflowers decorating each of the canoes?  Again, floral design by Pammett's!)  Also - this sign?  Aaaaaamazing.

As we approached the church, you could see Jacques waiting for Jennifer on the dock.  Like a true gentleman, he helped her out of the canoe...

...gave her a wonderful hug...

...and helped her with her shoes. (Perfect priorities!)

As guests entered the church, Jay and Benj from the Squirrel Hunters (you'll recognize them if you've ever been to the Peterborough Farmer's Market on Saturdays) played.

Jennifer and Jacques walked down the aisle together.  The ceremony was filled with beautiful and personal touches.

I loved the connection between these two during the ceremony, especially during the exchange of rings and vows.  It was like they were the only two people in the church.

First kiss as husband and wife!

(And one extra kiss for good measure as the best man and bridesmaid sign the wedding license.)

And the final touch - remember the guys who paddled the bridal party across the lake?  They formed an honour guard on the steps of the church for Jennifer and Jacques as they exited the church.  There were paddles, there was kissing, there was rice being thrown - a perfect end to a perfect moment.

And that, folks, is Part Two.  Next up - photos of the newlyweds and their wedding party, and an amazing reception.  Just a few simple images like this one.... :)

Thanks for reading.  As always, feel free to leave a comment for Jen and Jacques below.

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Cheri Patrick said...

oh, my. how beautiful. I was crying by the time you got out of the canoe. All the best and lots of love- Cheri