Saturday, February 11, 2012

Krista & Craig are married!

Krista and Craig (whom you may remember from their lovely engagement shoot a few years ago), were married this fall at a destination wedding in St. Lucia. They hosted a reception at the Brazen Head Pub in Toronto's Liberty Village for all their friends and family afterwards, and we were delighted to be there to capture all the fun.

Because it was an evening reception, Shawn and I knew we would be playing with our lighting equipment. Obviously we use lighting during receptions and to fill light in as needed during shoots, but knowing that we were going to be shooting in the dark of night meant that we were going to be able to experiment. Between having a chance to play with gear, the awesome scenery we found in Liberty Village, and the general fantasticness (yes - they are so awesome I just made up a word about them...) that is Krista and Craig, I would say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

The Phil and John show, a fabulous live act, played at the reception. They actually revamped Journey's "Don't Stop Believin' " to reflect Krista and Craig, and sang it as they and the wedding party made their entrance.

Their friend, DJ Blind Method, provided music in between sets from the live band. Please check him out - excellent!

Krista and Craig had a first dance surrounded by those in attendance - so sweet!

Krista has a signature dance move that clearly needed to be busted out at the end of the song.

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