Saturday, February 11, 2012

Babies everywhere!

I just love newborns! We were so blessed to have a few sessions this year...

First off, you may remember Julia and Brandon from their beautiful maternity session earlier this year. They welcomed the lovely Miss A in the fall.

Look at those lashes! She is already gorgeous like her mama....

Kora and Dan had us photograph their wedding in 2010, and we were thrilled to hear they were expecting!

Mr. M is very, very handsome.

And, because he was born over the holidays, we couldn't resist taking at least one Christmas themed shot!

Please note - this image is a composite of many pictures put together in Photoshop. It doesn't look like it, but Mr. M was held securely the entire time we were shooting this image. The safety of all our clients, especially newborns, is of utmost importance to us. Don't hang your baby from a mantle over the fireplace. Let us do it digitally instead. :)

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