Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Frequently asked questions....and the first Tip Tuesday coming soon!

Want to vote in our best of the year contest?

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Thank you so much to everyone who has voted so far! The response has been fantastic, and we are are loving seeing all the comments come in!

We've had a few questions come through from voters, and since it's tough to answer in the comments, I thought I would take a moment to answer some of them.

1. Quite a few commenters have mentioned that they wish the couple in picture #4 were closer together. Please know that when we made the choices for this contest, we chose our favourites, but also with careful attention to images that would look great on a canvas. The colours and grafitti were too fabulous to be ignored! Rest assured that there are many more shots where these guys were nice and close! In fact, feel free to check out the awesome that was their shoot by clicking here.

2. How far will you travel to take photos?
Ummmm.....anywhere you want to send us? Both Shawn and I love to travel, and we especially love exploring new places to take pictures in. All you have to do is ask!

2. Where is the backdrop in Picture #16?
Krista and Craig's engagement shoot was done in Port Hope, Ontario - that particular backdrop is the bandshell in the park downtown.

Keep the questions coming!

Don't forget that our very first Tip Tuesday will go up in early February. We've got lots of different topics lined up to write about, but I would really love to hear from our readers. Feel free to leave a comment and ask anything you like to know about wedding and portrait photography, using your own camera to take better pictures, or about Shawn and I!

And, because a post always needs a photo:

I had an awesome session with Kirk and Rebecca - their blog post (our last from 2009!) will go up as soon as the contest ends!

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