Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lakefield wedding photographer - Colleen and Amanda's weekend wedding o' fun!

We spent a fabulous day with Colleen, Amanda, and their friends and family, as they celebrated their wedding at Camp Kawartha in Lakefield. With a long shared history of working at various camps and a love for the outdoors, the location was a perfect choice!

Instead of bouquets, the couple decorated canoe paddles to carry as they walked down the aisle.

They also included some wonderful readings during the ceremony, including "I Like You" by Sandol Stoddard Warburg, which I think is quickly becoming one of my favourites. Amanda's dad made the backdrop you see behind them for the ceremony - the design was based on a graphic from their invitation.
There were so many meaningful touches throughout the day. As the ceremony progressed, guests were asked to pass the couple's rings along, taking a moment to send a good wish or a blessing onto them. (Rings they made themselves, by the way!)

Camp Kawartha has so many beautiful spots for photos - I didn't even mind wading into the lake for this one.
Are they not the cutest?
The wedding party was made up of Colleen and Amanda's siblings - we had a ton of fun shooting with them!
The reception also had some fabulous home made touches - a make your own wine glass charm station, a decorate your guestbook entry station, a decorate your table station, and a trivia contest about the newlyweds (with prizes for both accuracy and most creatively wrong anwers!) run by the MC's.
Ah, yes. And dinner ended with a brownie buffet, made by and served by Colleen and Amanda. I may have had one of these babies. Or two. Can you tell a significant amount of guests worked at camp? :) The whole get the crowd's attention by raising your had thing brought back many memories for me. There were a number of heartfelt and very funny speeches, including a slideshow of the couple from childhood to present day.And the pink dress. This garment had quite a history - it allegedly made appearances at numerous camp dance parties - people would take turns wearing it as a running joke. (Keep an eye out for it in the dance floor photos below!)

And, finally - ring shot. Dessert style. Amanda and Colleen, thank you for including us in your fabulous day! We hope that you are settling into life out west, and we'll be talking soon!


Laura said...

beautiful job. thank you for sharing for those of us who couldn't be there! <3

Michelle said...

It was great to meet you guys. you worked so hard at the wedding. the pics are beautiful. I was wondering if I can order pics from you or if I have to get them thruogh amanda and colleen? I would love to get som of the Pattison/Grassick Family and of course one of me in my tutu.

Brandy said...

Beautiful as always Jordan! Your energy seems to attract some amazing couples! And your eye for beauty, well that chocolate brownie & ring shot has got me gushing!

Britt Anderson said...

wow, these are fantastic!!! It really makes me wish I could have been there, and I don't even know this couple! lol

Kate said...

Fantastic Jordan and Shawn. You've captured so many of the moments and the happiness of that day just in these few shots. I can't wait to see more! Great to meet you.

Judy (Colleen's mom) said...

So great to see the preview, Jordan. I can't wait to see the rest! It's so easy to relive events of the happy day since you've captured so well the energy and fun we all had through the entire weekend. Colleen and Amanda were fortunate to have your help with this part of their celebration!

Susan said...

Beautiful images!! - technically brilliant and so full of heart and loving energy - you captured the joy of the day so wonderfully!!