Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sara, Greg, and the awesome.

Sara and Greg met up with us in Peterborough for a couples shoot. They are tons of fun, with a quirky sense of humour that meant we all got along swimmingly. As you can see, they brought the awesome to all their images.

I got to try out a few locations that I've been eyeing......

Including my latest graffitti find.
(I don't know who Meco is, but I can't help but feel he is in big trouble.)
They were also very patient while we played with our flash units. Shawn and I have been working on using off camera flash, so it was fabulous to have some willing models to work with.
And then, there was this. Greg actually wore this as a Halloween costume a few years ago.
It has become a running joke between the two of them, and it turns out that Greg has
always thought it would make for an awesome image. The best part is that Greg had
to change into the costume, and walk a block through downtown Peterborough to get
to this park, which was blocked by construction. Sara and I could not make eye contact -
we were trying our hardest not to burst out laughing.


Love this one!

More Awesome.

And, finally, some cuteness to end the shoot:

Thanks again for spending some time with us, Sara and Greg! We had a ton of fun!
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Anonymous said...

Jordan- you are so talented and I always love seeing your photos. It's jsut 10 times better to see photos of people I actually know!! Sara and Greg- as always, I'm laughing my ass off. Great photos! Very cute! -adrienne

Schona Kessler Photography said...

Oh yeah they brought it alright! What a seriously fun couple and the costume is a riot!

Britt Anderson said...

What a fun couple, you captured them perfectly!

Mary said...

I love people who love to laugh. Their spirit transfers so well when they are photographed. Looks like an awesome session - great shots!

Brandy said...

Park & picnic scenes are beyond hilarious! Nicely captured!!!